2016 Chevy Trax lease ($0 down, $114/month + 700 Costco card)

(reposting from the Equinox thread)

So I stumbled upon another potential Chevy lease offer that can be even cheaper than the Equinox one I posted previously (maybe this one is closer to the '16 Cruze deal of last year) ! Plus a little easier to obtain IMO.
This for a bonus-tagged leftover 2016 Chevy Trax LS @ $21,195 (24 months/10k miles a year lease).

Lease incentives (potentially $4,850 total):
CCR (base lease cash): $1,600
Incremental CCR (MD qualifies): $750
Bonus tag: $500 (find by doing zip code inventory search for Trax’s on Chevy.com)
Lease conquest/loyalty: $1,500
Farm Bureau (must be a member for 30 days to qualify): $500

Residual: 65%
Money factor - .00095/2.28% (or .0015/3.6% if waiving $595 lease acquisition fee in favor of .00055 MF bump. Doing this drops the payment roughly $9/month)
Miles/year: 10k

With a $2,355 dealer discount (I see 1 dealer in MD advertising that much of a Truecar discount), and rolling all fees/MD taxes into the monthly payments as a true $0 down lease, final monthly payment comes out to $114 a month with first payment waived!

Factor in a $700 Costco giftcard (must have been a Costco member as of 30 Sep AND upgrade to executive member status prior to finalizing lease), and the overall monthly becomes $85/month!

So if you are an MD resident, have a current GM or non-GM lease, have been a farm bureau member for at least 30 days, had an active Costco membership as of 30 Sep, and find a bonus tagged unit, you qualify for this deal!

***this deal may potentially be able to be done in other states, but I have not hashed that out.,

For anyone in MD interested, PM me for dealer info. I have confirmed the dealer will honor the pricing I’ve quoted in this post.

I tried stacking the Farm Bureau, conquest and costco+ Bonus tagged, and was told the Farm Bureau didn’t stack.
I didn’t push it because I was down to about $99 month “zero down” with my 1750 in GM money (1000+750)
Anyone know why farm discount was rejected?
I think it doest stack with the costco deal.

Checking now with my dealer contact.

Ok, Costco program pricing is an exception to supplier pricing rules (farm bureau usually isn’t stackable with supplier pricing), so farm bureau DOES stack with Costco.


Here’s the link to the full PDF: http://www.fbadvantage.com/Global/2016_Assets/Chevrolet/Incentive%20Sheet%202016%20and%202017%20-%20October%2010.pdf

hi im in maryland and would like to get your dealer contact info. also i dont lease any other vehicle at the moment but i am financing a toyota highlander, whats the best i could possibly get? Also a costco executive member. I would not be doing the farm discount either.