2016 Chevrolet Colorado LT 4x2 2wd numbers

I went into a dealer today and they were adamant that there are no incentives or rebates whatsoever. I’m in North Carolina and looking at 39 or 48 months at 12k or 15k per year.

Yes, that’s correct. No incentives or rebates, other than the following targeted incentives:

$500 Farm Bureau, $500 Lease Loyalty, $1,000 Conquest

On the upside, the residuals are pretty high:

24/12K: 71%, .00119 MF
36/12K: 65%, .00124 MF

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Any updated figures? I have a dealer with a 2016 Colorado LT Extended Cab RWD 4cyl, it currently has $500 bonus cash…and dealer says it will get the Chevy 10% off deal. Location, Georgia 31005

Looking for:

you can not use the Checy 10% rebate on a lease and still use the incentivised lease program.
What they would need to do is the STANDALONE 10% then go to a diffrent leasing company and it may help nut not that much!