2016 Camry SE Lease

  1. Socal
  2. 2016 Camry SE
  3. 12/24 or 12/36

I got an offer for $18800 after all incentives including college grad. The listed MSRP is $24,900. Is this a good deal? How much better can I do?

That is an exceedingly excellent price!

Quite frankly, I don’t even know how they were possibly able to get you a price of Camry SE for $6100 under MSRP.

According to my calculation, you’re only going to be paying about $149 + tax with 0 drive-off on this vehicle. If you ask me, that is one helluva deal!

Alan, could you possibly list out how you ended up with 149/month? Is that for the 2 year or 3 year? What’s the residual value on that?
Does 0 drive off mean all the title, registration, aquisition fees are split up into my monthly payments?

Thanks in advance.

This is how I calculated.

MSRP $24900
Selling Price $20300
Rebates $1500 (lease cash and college grad)

MF 0.00001 (Tier 1+ with 720+)
Residual 59%
12k / 36mo

$650 acquisition fee

Yes, I’ve rolled the fees into the monthly payment.

This is an incredible deal? Other than the $500 incentive for college graduates, is there any other incentive? Could you please share how did you negotiated this great deal? I am also looking for 2016 Camry SE in North Cal Bay area.

Thanks in advance!

This is a great deal… which dealership is this?

do you know if the lease numbers in florida are the same for 36/12k. how about 24/12k?

Were you able to get this deal?