2016 C300 Lease

Please let me know if this is a good deal or if should keep looking.

Selling Price: $48,045
Residual: 57%
MF: .00093 with Auto Pay
Registration Fees:225
Doc Fee:498
Acquisition Fee: 1095

Drive Off: $2200 36/15k $588 a month taxes included at 5% of monthly payment

I suggest you keep looking. 588 doesn’t meet the 1% rule when leasing

Have you searched the forum for other C-class deals?

That’s E class money in SoCal.

Why Acquisition Fee of $1095. It should be the national advertising fee of $795. Walk away an go to another dealer if they insist.

Think you might do better that 57% on the residual too.

How? …20 char

Ask for it.

If you search site “C300” think you will find up to 62%

Check out the RV/MF Section too

Assuming the C300 is 4matic, the residual is 57% for 36/15k nationwide. However the MF should be .00073 with Autopay for top tier credit. Acquisition should be 795, and the selling price can be somewhere between 15-18% off MSRP.
Good luck!

Seriously? It is the one thing that dealers cannot change

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