2016 C300 Lease Help!

I’m helping my cousin with his negative equity and trying to get a 2016 C300 Benz. He has a Buyout: 28,000 on an Inifiniti sedan he has. The 2017 C300 is $60 more a month so we’re skipping on that.

This is the deal screen with the negative equity rolled in to the lease.

Also window sticker attached here too.

I need thoughts on this deal. Where we can pull more money. Yikes on that Florida $849 dealer doc fee!

Rows are:
24 months
36 months
48 months


That neg eq is killing him. Maybe try a demo for a steeper discount. I was gonna say do msd’s but if he can do that then he can just pay the neg eq.

He’s saying the demos and other models doesn’t have the option list he wants (fully loaded).

I’m asking for him to get the base MF from the dealer as well as another 2% off MSRP. Think that’s a good way to go on this?

Worse they can say is no. 7k off looks pretty good, cant hurt to ask for more. FL has crazy high doc/dealer fees. Also, shouldnt be an issue finding the car he wants, so maybe expand his search out of state.

Dealer isn’t budging. They are marking the MF up to .00095 from .00064 also I just found out. We owe $8,000 on the trade car but they’re only charging us $4,100 for the negative equity.

where is the other 4k going?

So are they giving you 7k off and eating the 4k?

They’re basically “eating” $3,900 in negative equity.

Gotcha. Yeah they had to add profit by padding the MF. Dealer has the leverage when you have that kind of neg eq unfortunately.

The paperwork shows the $4,100 as the trade payoff, so this is telling me there’s only $4,100 in neg equity. Does your cousin has MSD (or some other deposit) in his current lease? Just asking as if he did that would lower the payoff.

I have a C3004 that should be around $500 with 47870 MSRP assuming $4100 negative. 0-down.

Is the $4100 the remaining payments on the lease?