2016 C300 Deal Analysis

2016 C300 Sedan 5k miles on it, was in the dealership loaner program.

Price: $47,849 (car price plus negative equity from previous lease)
Term: 48 mos
Down Payment: 2k
MF: .00082
Sales Tax: 6.25% (TX)
Residual: $21, 565

I haven’t signed any paperwork as of yet. Please let me know if this is a solid deal or not. I am currently almost 25k over the miles in my current lease which is $525/mo.

If you go that much over allotted mileage you sure best option is to lease another car? What is the MSRP of the car, final sales price and negative equity tacked on, and residual percentage?

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is there a reason why your doing 48 months?

Analyze what? There’s a ton of info missing.

What is the MSRP of the specific car you are looking at?

How much negative equity is being added?

What will be the new monthly payment?

Why are you leasing for 48 months? It usually makes more sense to buy if you want it for that long.

How many miles is this lease for? If you plan to go 25k over again, it’s going to cost you more than purchasing it.