2016 BMW X1 November MF and RV

Hi guys/gals. New here, I am looking to lease a new 2016 BMW X1. I live in Arizona and will be purchasing in Houston (only area I can find the packages and color combo I want). My question is what is the current MF and RV for this X1? Based on the BMW site, it looks like the RV is currently 63%, maybe I am wrong and someone can confirm that. Looking for a 3 year 10k miles lease. I can’t find the MF anywhere for November though. Does anyone know the current MF rate? One dealer quoted me at .00175 but that seems kind of high. Also not completely sure how taxes work with an out of state lease, can that be rolled into the lease or needed to be paid for up front? If I am missing something please let me know! Any advice is appreciated!

Yep 63% for the 2016. There is also a $2000 option allowance available.

MF is currently .00134

Great! Thank you, that is what I had thought. Another question (this might be a bit naive) So I have negiotiated the price down from MSRP $42000 to $36500. That would likely include the $2000 in option allowance, correct?

Yes it’s very likely.

Ok so I found a new dealer that is willing to work with me. Attached is the breakdown. I’m I getting ripped off on anything or is this a good deal?
2016 BMW X1 with a decent amount of options
MSRP 43500
Sale Price 37496
MR .00134
RV 63%
Dealer Fees 1921
Down payment 1079
Total down 3000

Monthly 362 after taxes

This is 36 months/10k. Also if I opt to take the buy out after 3 years the price is 27401, correct? As always, thanks for any advice!

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