2016 BMW X1 lease Review

Just checking to see if you all think this sounds like the best I can do.

MSRP: 45,545
Sell price: 39,360
Drive off: 1907
Residual: 60%
MF: .00134
Payment: 421.40 (8.75 tax)

This is zero down, 3 year, 10,000 mile per year lease in California. With 7 MSDs the monthly goes down to 385.14.

This sounds good to me, but it was the dealer’s opening offer to me, so I was surprised that they offered 6000 off right out of the bat. Based on other research, they aren’t marking up the MF at all.

Go for it??

$45,000 sounds pretty high since these things start in the 30s. Also, the 2017s are already out. Don’t take this the wrong way- the monthly seems fair but I’m confused as to why the car is priced at that dollar amount…?

Also- what’s your drive off?

I do see some dealerships pricing 2016 up to $46,000. Like I said before your monthly seems fair. Before I’d bite on the deal I’d ask for some freebies haha.

Probably left-overs the highest MSRP loaded cars with options that very few people get/want.

This payment is X3 money. You might want to look there also if you don’t mind a slightly bigger SAV.

Yes, they start in the 30s, but BMW leaves all the options out. The MSRP includes all of the upgraded packages and options. I’m guessing the selling price is discounted because it’s a '16 that’s been sitting on the lot and the '17s are in.

$385/mo for that car is pretty good deal imo for a 45k sticker…