2016 BMW M3 MW/SO $788 Sold

Short team lease take over on my 2016 MW/SO 6spd, car currently has 15,200 miles on in with 9ish months to go. Great deal for someone looking to put a ton of miles on it in the next year. Car is located in Los Angeles. Stats listed below:



My question is what is going to be the position of BMW on the aftermarket options on turn-in. I heard (and absolutely do not know) that BMW charges for the removal and replacement with OEM those parts replaced by aftermarket.

If that is true and considering they are replacing with OEM parts that could get expensive QUICK.

Are the stock parts supplied with the car?

The only aftermarket parts on the car that are not included in the MSRP are the shift knob, ebrake and reflectors. I have the OEM of those parts sitting in the trunk would take you less than 30 min to put the OEM pieces back on and you can easily sell the aftermarket parts for a couple hundred bucks.

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