2016 BMW i3 REX CPO lease?

I found a CPO 2016 BMW i3 Rex with Deka trim – pretty much a base model, going for ~$31k. Only has 1500 mi on it. Are these still leasable? Looks like vehicle in-service date was 5/2016.

Carfax says that the vehicle was originally leased – I’m guessing that the owner didn’t really like it? I’m not really sure.

Yep, under 5k miles should be fully leasable as a new vehicle.

If the used car sales manager is saying ‘no,’ is there something I can quote? I feel like this isn’t something I should leave hanging. Also, what kind of residual/MF am I looking at?

It’s likely up to the dealer, but someone else can likely solidify that answer who’s better informed than me. I had assumed that it maybe was a demo with that kind of mileage.

No it won’t be leasable. The 31k price is already fully depreciated and so it is a “Cash” price.

Would I have much luck with a reasonable lease payment from a third party like a credit union, or am I just better off trying to lease a new one? So far I’m seeing lease payments in VA in the 450-550/mo range all-inclusive for a 2017 BMW i3 Rex with Tera, HK, Parking Pkg, and 20" wheels.