2016 BMW 535i Lease Deal SoCal

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: [2016 BMW 535i] Premium & Driver Assistance Package

MSRP: [$60,590]
Selling Price: [$47,300]
Rebates: [$0]
Trade-in: [$0]
Mileage: 12
Included in selling price was the $5000 option allowance. I couldn’t find a way to get the $1,500 Fleet discount that so many people got.

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [12,000]

MF: [0.00085]
Residual: [57%]

Security Deposit: [$3,850]
Total Due At Signing: [$4,850]
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$491]
Acquisition Fee was rolled into the monthly, or else I think my monthly would have been reduced by about $25ish?

Zip Code: [90250]
Sales Tax Rate: [9%]

Took some time to nail this deal down, but I think I got a pretty sweet deal, did it literally on the last day (28th of February) to take advantage of the $5000 option allowance.

Good things to know:

  1. 528i has less room for discounts than 535i, I think the difference between a similarly equipped 528i and this 535i was like $40/month or less.

  2. No dealer wanted to play ball at first, best offer I got was 20% off 535i (including option allowance) and 18% off 528i (including option allowance). I was wondering why dealers were reluctant to move these units since it seems in the greater los angeles area there were literally hundreds of 2016 5 series. I got talking with some people at the dealership and turns out it doesn’t make financial sense to discount the 5 series to the point where they literally lose money when they can simply turn them into loaners and then lease/sell as CPOs in a year or two.

  3. March is going to be a bad month to lease 5 series because March 5 is the official introduction of the new 2017 5 series so I guess it makes sense to not give an outgoing 5 series better deals.

  4. While doing the deal, they told me that if I transfer the car, the maintenance plan is lost. Can someone pitch in on this? I was confused, I mean I’m not going to transfer the vehicle, but this is the first time I’ve heard of it.

  5. The wear and tear and tire warranty really didn’t make financial sense, they wanted around an extra $130ish per month for both which was close to $5000 extra at the end of the lease. For that price I can literally replace the tires and cover any dings/nicks and still have money left over to take a vacation.

Happy LeaseHackr-ing :grinning:


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Thanks for posting…

That is correct, maintainance stays with the first owner.

Great deal! I also closed a similar deal in midwest yesterday. Will post my details soon.

so I found something weird today. While I was going through the window sticker they gave me I noticed a few options on there that was charged but didn’t come with the car. I think it was wheel locks and first aid kit, which totaled to like $200 ish. Anyone have an explanation or have a suggestion of what I should do?

Tell the dealer and they will install locks and give you the kit. These are “port installed” options, I believe. Maybe they haven’t been installed.

thanks! makes sense, I remember the dealer telling me they had to pull the car out of storage so I’m guessing they simply neglected to install those thinking that car was just going to sit there for awhile

I do wonder about those leftover 2016’s. BMW heavily relies on leasing, but with so many of these coming off lease sitting on the lot while SUV’s blow out the door, when will dealers start to heavily discount not just the 2016’s but the sedan inventory sitting on their lots.

I was told that they’re simply going to CPO them and move them as CPOs. I was also told (not sure if true or complete hogwash) that certain slow months they’ll heavily discount purchases and not leases simply to wash themselves of the car.

and btw, I checked out this month’s lease terms, while the $5000 option allowance is still available the residual dropped by 2%. 36/12 went from 57 to 55. That extra 2% coupled with an non-negotiable 0.00140 results in an extra $85/month (yikes)

According to Cars.com, there are 1,174 2016 BMW 5 series available. Again, with people buying up SUV’s instead of sedans, it’s a head scratcher to me why BMW isn’t reading the tea leaves and pricing the remaining '16 inventory more aggressively. It’s just not a good enough price for what you’re getting.

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Trying to get the same deal in NY. Would highly appreciate a copy of the deal to show dealer. You can white out your name and all personal info. I just want to show the discount you received.