2016 BMW 528xi lease deal

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: [2016 BMW 528xi]

MSRP: [$56,045]
Selling Price: [$43,499]
Rebates: [included in selling price$5000 lease cash, $1,500 corporate discount]
Trade-in: [$0]

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [12,000]

MF: [.00114]
Residual: [57%]

Security Deposit: [$0] n/a in New York
Total Due At Signing: [$1,130] includes first payment and DMV
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$439]

Zip Code: [13041]
Sales Tax Rate: [8%]

Good deal…which county?

Nothing wrong with that deal at all. Great upfront discount makes all the difference. They are going about $2k-$3k below invoice for you. All you could do to make it even cheaper is pay the acquisition fee upfront.

how did you get this MF ? isn’t the base MF .00134 for 2016 5 Series ?

I just did this deal in NJ but on a demo with the same sticker. $425/month including NJ 6.875% tax. No money down, no MSD, no corporate discount on demo, only first month payment out the door.

Corp discount reduces the MF

That’s a good deal on the demo

I might be interested for a friend of mine. Can you share the dealer and salesman?

I might be interested as well. Can you please PM the contact info?

me three, ping me the details as well please

Me four. Could we get a group discount?

Only with @vhooloo is it clear that he is asking about the guy in NJ with a demo…are you and @samsingla and @defy asking that guy or the OP?

Asking the OP. I am looking for a car asap, and I am ready to fly to NJ to get the car if I get a good deal.

The OP is in NY and the other guy @nextlevelautobrokers is in NJ.

I take it you’ve had no luck trying to reach loberant?

loberant is very bad in returning emails on time. I started an email, he told he will come back with a quote. But he never did, I reminded him couple of times, then gave up :smirk:

Correct, talking to a few local dealers in the area as well. Really need a car soon. Test drove a 2017 civic yesterday. If I am unable to score a deal by end of this week, I might just end up picking the civic EX instead of the 328. Go big or get a civic :joy:

Reverse the math on his deals. Take out the acq fee and see whether a fixed $ or % residual value results in his payments.

Use that RV to see what selling price you need from local dealers to get the payment you want.

Sent you a PM, can you please check. Thank you!

does anybody think a 2016 demo 550i with MSDs is possible in the $450 range before the RV hit in March?