2016 BMW 528i $392 36 months 12K miles

Hi everyone you guys were really helpful on my last lease, I thought I would share this as well. I really tried hard get more off the MSRP, but could not, and in shopping this deal no one else would even match it let alone go any lower. Let me know how I did.

2016 BMW 528i
Heated Seats
Review Camera
Park Control

MSRP $52,845
Cap Cost $43,500
7 MSDs $2,800
BMW Loyalty $1,000
MF .00134
Residual 62%
Tax 8.225%
Monthly Payment $392.91 with tax

I had the cap cost of $925 rolled into the monthly payment. Due at signing was $3,731 with $2,800 in MSDs the remainder was taxes and doc fee.

There was a BMW Holliday Cash of $1,000 that was baked into their price but did lower the cap cost.


That’s fantastic. Congrats!


Congrats…where was this?

It was in Southern California, Steve Thomas BMW.

Cap Cost $43,500. Is this Sale Price + Acquisition Fee ?

No this is sales price, I had the acquisition fee rolled into the monthly payment.

If the acquisition fee was rolled into the payment, it is usually added to the sale price, with the total being the cap cost. :slight_smile:

17.6 % is an impressive discount on a new car. I should have waited for couple more weeks :disappointed:

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To be honest the list price was only about $350 higher so I cannot say I did any crazy negotiating. I tried to get them to go lower but I realized no other dealer was even coming close to this dealership’s number. I figured sub $400 monthly was good so I pulled the trigger.

You got a great deal. I’m shopping around for a BMW 528i too. You think you can send me your sales person’s info? I’ll be happy to tell him/her that you referred, if you like. If so, please let me know your name as well. Thanks for your reply in advance.

@loberant Has posted Sonic’s deals. Best deals on the West Coast are at the Stevens Creek dealership in San Francisco but they can be shipped.