2016 BMW 528/535 X Drive... Help please

Greetings Hackers,

Looking at getting one of the two cars below. First is a brand new 528 with corporate rebate of $1,500. Second is a 2016 535 X drive loner vehicle. Please tell me what you think and if you can beat these figures who to contact. I’m in the east coast Massachusetts, 02360. Thank you

#1 2016 BMW 528Xi MSRP: $56,045
Sale Price: $44,500
Term: 36 Months
Miles : 15k / year
Down: First months payment $545
Monthly payment of : $545

#2 2016 BMW 535Xi LONER Vehicle MSRP: $65,650
Sale Price: 22% off ( $51,207 )
Term: 26 Months
Miles: 15k / year
Down: First months payment $609
Monthly payment : $609

Apply MSD to those and it will bring the payment down. Assuming they’re all zero down

Hows much are MSD and is it refundable at the end of the lease?

You are allowed 7 with BMW. Just 7 payments pretty much and they are refundable at the end of the lease minus any wear and tear charges.

It’s 7 deposits of your monthly payment rounded to the nearest 50. Ex: 528 lease would be 7x550 535 lease would be 7x650. I did this on my 5 lease and it saved me like 50/month.

Payments seem really high for model year old car with that MSRP and demo. I would check @loberant list.

I don’t think they are too far off. Most on the list are 3 series. For a 528 and 535 respectively with zero down they are right around where you would expect

Wouldn’t do either deal.

Jason, thanks for the input I just checked loberant’s list and only see one 2016 528 AWD which is a executive demo car. MSRP: $59,545 10k miles 24 months for $591 a month. I can basically get the 535 for like $10 a month more. Doesn’t seem like a better deal. Also the 528 i listed is for brand new not a demo car but I realize the MSRP is 3k different. Any other recommendations?

Thank you

He may not have much 5 series inventory at the moment. I leased a $63,765 E300 (current model year) at $585/mo with only first month payment due at signing and no incentives (hardly an amazing deal, but good for Mercedes-Benz). I think you can get a bit more bang for your buck than a model year old (and generation old) 528 for close to $600. Just my two cents.

Leasing 101: 15 minutes reading will save you a lot more than 15% over your lifetime. Don’t take this the wrong way, but there are no forum helpers inside the finance guy’s office. If you don’t know what s/he’s talking about while signing those papers, you will get fleeced one way or another.