2016 BMW 435i MSport Lease... Good Deal?

Hi everyone,

I’m brand new to the forum and heard about it through a friend who uses it for advise when leasing. I’m looking to lease a 2016 BMW 435i MSport and wanted to check if the current offer I received is a good deal, or if I can negotiate it even better.

Lease Details:
36 months, 12k mi/yr
Selling Price: 52,661
0 Down
Drive Off: $2,695 (445 DMV fees, 638 First Payment, $1,598 cap cost reduction)
Monthly Payment: 638.39 + 9% tax
Residual Value: 59%
Money Factor: 0.001487 (Not sure if this is accurate, but I used this to calculate: http://www.ridewithg.com/lease-residual-mf-calculator/

Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts!


Looks like they marked up the MF from .00132 to .00172, the maximum amount allowed. Sales price seems good.

If you have excellent credit, I’d insist on the base MF of .00132, which can be furthered lowered through multiple security deposits.

Best of luck!