2016 BMW 428i lease advice

On the verge of agreeing to a 2016 428i RWD lease deal. How does this look?

Included Packages
Premium Package ($2,200)
Driver Assistance Package ($950)

Term: 36m
Est. miles per year: 10k

MSRP: $46,705
Negotiated price: $43,336 (9.2%)
Residual: $28957 (61.9%)
MF: 0.00089 (7 MSDs of $550)
FL Tax: 6%

Total Payment(incl. tax): $512/month

Total Cash required on delivery: $4835 (MSDs: $3850; First Month Pymt: $512; Registration: $250; Rental surcharge $60; Tire $5; Battery $1.50; Lemon Law $2; FL legal Tint: $154.50)


MF and Residual looks spot on. If you can’t go any lower than the stated selling price, you are good. The selling price depends upon your region and 9.2% is not bad at all. Congrats and enjoy the ride!

Thank you so much. I tried my best to lower the dealer/doc fee of $699…FL dealers are really tough to negotiate…So got my unit for $512…It’s really a nice ride!!!..I hope one day Floridians will also pay $80 like Californians :slight_smile: