2016 BMW 340i XDrive Lease

I just had a dealer agree to these terms on a 2016 BMW 340 XDrive. Let me know what you think?

Looks like a pretty great deal to me! If you can skip the downpayment I would, don’t pay any dealer fees, and lookup how much registration costs so they don’t skin you on that either. I was looking at 328 loaners last month and the best price I got was $410/month on a $48,000 car. They weren’t giving me the base MF so I said goodbye. What options are you getting with it? I love the Estoril Blue color.

I will say its hard to read but is the residual 67%? If so that is not correct for 2016 at 36/12.

EDIT: NM it looks like 57 non zoomed, seems like about as good as you can do, if you like the car i say go for it.

Hwall34943, what dealership did you go? This deal looks great to me.

Geezus over 20% off msrp?
The dealers here are giving like 11% off on 2016 models. 14% at most