2016 BMW 330e plug-in hybrid lease

This is what I did. I think I could do better, but I messed up…

MSRP - $50,300
Sale Price - $44,000 (87.5% MSRP)
36 month, 15K mi / year, 60% residual

Down - $2,000
MSD - $3,500
Monthly payment - $445 including tax

I am still thinking about my lease end strategy since I will most likely drive 18K miles a year.
I will either

  1. let my wife drive for a few months (her commute is much shorter than mine)
  2. return the car early and lease another BMW at the end
  3. pay $.20 per mile (less desired) - that’s another $1,800

I think you did great! That’s a huge discount off MSRP, and the payment is reasonable for a high-mileage lease on a brand-new $50K model. Generally a monthly payment of 1% of MSRP is considered pretty good. The $2,000 “down” includes registration, acquisition fee, first month’s payment, and everything else, right?

Let us know how you like the car!

Yeah, the $2,000 “down” includes tax, fees, first month payment, and other dealer charges. I think the real “down” is like $500 or so. I negotiated the sale price down first, so that’s why the dealer added whole bunch of “fees” or “charges” to compensate, thus the part I “messed up”. If I negotiated all the way I could save another $500 ~ $1000 throughout the lease, but I might also not get the deal at all since they could walk away - several dealers rejected my offer, even at month end.

Overall, I used your 1% MSRP general guideline and think I did OK.

I have gotten the car for 2 weeks, and I really like the car. I have never owned either a BMW or a hybrid before, so I can’t do an apple to apple comparison. However, I like the fact that I can get over 100 MPG on my 30 mile commute, and the horse power is amazing.

Get a BMW credit card. You can earn extra
miles on your lease!! (Thats what I do!)

The standard taxes, acquisition fees, dealer charges, 1st month month payment plus your $500 down do add up to $2000 so it doesn’t sound like the dealer was trying to rip you off. Congrats on the new ride!

august lease deal
looks like $3k lease cash with 66% on 10k 36 months?


That looks like it could be a sweet deal! I wonder if it includes a lower MF? The only way I can get it to add up using the figures in the fine print is with a .00094 MF.

why is the lease credit 3k but the federal tax credit on this car is 4k? it also lists the credit as 4k if you look at the bmw i website. i think that deal is pretty good. coudl have been sweet if he added on college grad/loyalty.

which dealership did he get it at? which state? having a tough time tracking down a 2016.

bmw keeps $1001 of the tax incentive since they “truly” own the car and the leaser does not. That is their “terms,” so you only get 3000


I have the following for 2017 BMW 330e. Please let me know if this is a good deal or not! I have not contacted other dealers. Just one dealer.

MSRP: $57245, 10k miles, 36 months
Residual: 62%
Initial Cap Cost: $51600
Down Payment: Cap cost reduction: $2051.72, Cap Tax Rate/Amount: 7.25% (Ventura County), $547.5, Base Monthly: $378.35, County tax: $27.43.

Monthly Payment including tax (mentioned above): $405.78
Acquisition Fee: $1005
Money Factor: 0.0014

Your interest rate (MF .0014 x 2400) is ~3.36% so you should use the Cap Cost Reduction towards MSDs instead of CCR/downpayment. Taking that out increases your monthly by $57 and saves you some dollars on interest (but you get the MSD back) which still makes this an OK deal approx ~$450/mo (including tax) with $0 down. BMWs are not leasing as good this month as in the last 3-4 months

Thank you very much Chris. Would be worthwhile to wait till the next month lease deals are out?

For 2017 MY yes. 20 char

@chrisgo Thanks! I got another offer on a similar based model.

MSRP: $58000
$3599 due at signing including first month payment, fees, 7*MSD(=$3150)
406 (7.25% tax; Ventura County)=$435 per month.

Is this a decent deal?

Very decent deal if 3599 is all that is due and includes 7 MSD.

This is a much better deal if you don’t want to wait for the 2017.

  • 1st offer: $405.78 + $57 ($2,051 / 36) = $462/mo is your “effective” payment

  • 2nd offer: $435/mo AND you get $3,150 comes back to you in 36 months.

So the 2nd one is a much better deal and overall not bad. Somehow you got your drive-off to almost $14? ($449 - first month $435) - this is actually pretty awesome

@chrisgo thanks a lot! Yes, $14 is drive-off. The car has been sitting for more than 100 days according to Car Gurus. Should I negotiate on Sale price and I was thinking 12k miles instead of 10k.

Good job searching inventory level :slight_smile:

The 12k miles will drop the residual by 1% so you need to negotiate another $580 discount to make up for that.

These are very slow moving cars for BMW especially in regions where AWD is preferred. They already lose money on the sale but have to move them for fleet average mileage requirements. Negotiate aggressively.

@Buddyleecia Thanks! Will do…