2016 BMW 328xi Lease Transfer $310.47/month - 14500 miles for 13 months

Hello All,

I am looking to transfer a lease on a 2016 BMW 328xi. The car is located in metro Boston, MA.

The car is a well-equipped executive demo which I took over at 6k miles. It includes

Red metallic paint with Beige leather interior
Premium package
Cold weather package
Navigation system
Driver Assistance Plus
Side and Top View Cameras
Harmon Kardon Surround Sound

MSRP: $52,870
Original lease term: 36 months
Allowed mileage: 36,000
Current mileage: 21,500
Miles left: 14500 for 13 months
Lease end date: 12/30/2019
Payment left: 12 (I will pay the Dec payment soon)
Residual: $31933
Monthly payment: $406.26 (with MA tax)

The car overall is in excellent condition. There is a wheel cover rush on one tire and a door ding on the left rear panel. This should be within the BMW lease return acceptable guide. I will check with the service advisor on the next time car service. There is a $3150 security deposit (7 MSD) on the lease. I am willing to cover 2 MSD as well as some allowance for wear and tear. So the total incentive will be $1150 to offset the inconvenience for you to pay the $2000 upfront to me (you will get back the $3150 at the lease end). The effective month payment for you will be $310.47 (with tax included).

Please PM me if you have any questions. Thanks!

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