2016 BMW 328xi deal - thoughts on fairness?

Hey everyone, I am new to the forums and the lease process here; could absolutely use some advice on whether the following deal is a good one:

  • 2016 328i xDrive
  • Manager car (3K miles already logged)
  • MSRP of $50.5K (car includes tech, sport, premium, driver assist, enhanced bluetooth, LED headlights, etc.)
  • Have negotiated down to $43K
  • Residual: 66%
  • Miles per year: 10K
  • With $4K down including first month’s payment, they are willing to do a 365/mo payment before tax

I am in CA if that makes a difference. Would appreciate any thoughts about whether they are fleecing me (I am female so am particularly concerned about this).


Pretty sure others were getting 5 series demos for under 400 a month no money down.

Rule number 1 around here seems to be put no money down as if anything happens to the car that money is gone.

Also use security deposits to lower the money factor. If your 4k down was security deposits and real fees then on but otherwise you shouldn’t have to put money down. I’m sure others can help more.

The similar threads at the bottom should show one or two of the 5 series demo deals. Otherwise search for BMW and try to replicate.

You didn’t mention the Money Factor. Ask them what is it? Get involved with the calculation as sometimes they just give you numbers without explanation. As DangerousBri said, put 7 multiple security deposits to lower the money factor, which should be around .00088 after the 7 deposits and drive-off should be also inceptions. It matters that you are in CA as it is a very competitive market with very low doc fee and dealer fees. Find out how they got to $365.

Really appreciate the input so far! I didn’t ask for the money factor unfortunately - will have to follow up on that. However, sounds like overall, may not be a great deal from a down payment / monthly payment perspective.

I’ve also been having trouble understanding whether the $43K cap cost is a good value, given this is a manager’s car and it’s the end of the model year. Any thoughts on how each of the following should impact the price of the car?

  • The fact that it’s a manager car with some miles logged
  • Purchase of an end of model year car

Really appreciate the help!

2 reasons why you should insist on “$0 down”:

  1. It obscures the deal- you’re choosing between paying up front or paying as part of monthly payments. Either way you’re paying. Make things simple and put it all in the monthly payments.

  2. If the car is totaled during your lease, you’ll never get your downpayment back. It adds financial risk to you, with no real benefit (other than the psychological trick of feeling like you have a lower monthly payment because you already paid the extra up front).

For a dealer car, insist on an exceptional deal. They’re selling a used car as a new car – they should be willing to offer attractive terms. Keep it simple – if you don’t feel like the deal is exceptional, just walk away.

Pull up TrueCar data for your vehicle with the options this car has- demand a selling price at the very end of the spectrum for “exceptional deal.”

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7k off a demo is not a good deal. They made it even worse with 4k down.