2016 BMW 328xi - Could I do better?

MSRP of $52,250

Cap price: $47100
Residual: 66%
MF: 0.00136

$500 a month 10,000 miles 36 month lease
$500 + $400 fees + $925 acquisition fees = $1825 Drive Off

Area: Chicagoland

Could I do better?

There is a $1500 option allowance for November on that model. Was it included in the quote? 10% off MSRP on its own is good, but could be better since it’s a 2016 model.

Have you considered putting down multiple security deposits to lower the mf?

If your dealer just told you $47,100, then it’s highly likely that $1,500 dealer cash is included.
If you have a multiple dealerships in you area, in my opinion, I think you can do more than $47,100.

And just like jmac63 said, don’t foreget about multiple security deposits.

residual is 3% lower today, so while you may do better on price you will be more than offset in residual.

yeah - I asking for a residual bump of 3% to offset the change and lower the price to $46500. Overall I am shooting for $450 a month with MSD, either the residual offset or lower price should do it.

Residual is set by Bmw and cannot be changed by the dealer.

on the lease worksheet, dont they have a residual bump line item with dealer discretion?

Ah i dont believe so. BMW sets the residual. The dealer can mark up the aq fee and MF.

Here is what I saw under Residual information. I assumed, there is some room there. thanks for correcting me.

MSRP after discount
Residual (Base)
Residual (bump) %
Residual (Bump) $

Not sure what it means exactly. You can always calculate the residual yourself.

The sales price on this car should be around 42-44k. Anything more is criminal.

This is just something in the calculator maybe other manufacturers offer that but BMW does not. If you are at base mf the only other thing you can negotiate is price. Bank fee (contrary to what is said in this thread) is set at 925 and can’t be marked up or negotiated down.

dealer can mark up the aq fee, at least they were allowed recently

My BMW dealer told me that they are not allowed to do that… At least in Florida. MF is a different story though.

I believe the Base is the 36/15K rate. Going to 12K or 10K would have a bump of 2% or 3%. At least that’s how it looks in the quotes that I’ve seen.

44k? I hang my head in shame. I thought I did good with 12% off MSRP but I have to admit I am just not that good in negotiating.

I ended up with this:

MSRP: 52250
Residual: 66%
MF: 0.00127 (7 MSD)

Monthly Payment: $450
Drive off: $5275 ($925 Dest +$400 Lic/Doc Fees + $450 First Month Payment + $3500 MSD)

Thanks for all the help guys!

Well you reduced monthly payment by 50$!
There is always a better deal somewhere so enjoy your new car and don’t worry!

They killed you on the MF

Don’t, while your deal is not killer it is solid, and something 99% of the public couldn’t even come close to replicating. So enjoy your new car, don’t worry about that extra $25 bucks a month you might have saved, in the grand scheme of things its inconsequential.

Not everyone has a perfect credit :wink: