2016 BMW 328i xDrive- DEMO car !TODAY!


Today I have been working with an agent at a dealership in the Bay Area, CA. I found what seems to be a great starting point and am going to negotiate down further. I wanted to get your input on the best way to negotiate this:

MSRP: $51445
Current Asking Price: $44,777
Mileage: 5,910
Residual: 66%
Money factor: (hasn’t responded yet but know to negoate this down)
Monthly Payments: $400 + Tax for 36 months/ 10K miles
Drive off: $2000

Again this is before negotiations. I was hoping to have payments in the ballpark of $300-350, would like to see if this is possible.


300 should be doable with MSD and lease loyalty

Update: I completed the deal yesterday. The “drive off” listed above was actually a down payment. I had to rework the numbers. I was not eligible for any loyalty since this is my first BMW and I’m too far out of school to be eligible for new grad. I did opt-in for the BMW safe lease though which adds about $30 to my monthly payment. This seemed worthwhile never having leased before and knowing that just replacing the tires would cost more than this program. I negotated pretty hard and at the end of the day I am happy.

MSRP: $51445
Buying price: $43750
7 MSD’s @ 3500
No money down
Money Factor: 0.00087
36 mo/ 10k miles
Tax title reg: $395
Monthly payment with tax and safe lease: $450/month

Happy Leasing!

Enjoy the car but the insurance they offer on a lease can be negotiated. For my 2p14 garnd cherokee it added only 10 or 12 a month. This is just fyi for anyone out there. BMW might offer more protection so I am not going to compare the two programs.

Thanks! Yes I negotiated down from 1860 to 1080 for 36 months. I read on some other BMW forums that people were getting this between 700-1200. I could have done more I am sure, but I was pretty worn out at this point.

dealer def made money on that deal. Nevertheless…enjoy your first BMW!

dealer makes money on all deals. They are not non-profit :slight_smile: Even on your lease they made money :slight_smile:

Right. It is difficult to get the cost down without any loyalty cash, new grad, or fleet discounts. I think a payment of $380 before taxes and the “safe lease” on a 328i xdrive with every possible option (except the M package) is very fair, all things considered.

agree, hard to go much lower without incentives, however i cringe when i see people in general buy the extras like safe lease because they are such big money makers for the dealership. Today’s tires on a car like this do not last 36k miles so you’re basically going to have to buy a set of new tires at some point anyway and you will end up retuning the car with decent tires. As for other damage, BMW is pretty lenient on small dings and scratches. Unless you have a tendency of treating your car like absolute garbage and have a 80lb dog ripping up your seats, it’s a total waste in my opinion. I do however get that it’s your first lease and you want piece of mind. I just hate seeing a dealer make an extra $1080 when it’s not really needed.

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Well that’s good to know for next time. I appreciate the feedback and maybe next lease I will not opt-in.

just a suggestion, depending on when you have to put new tires on the car, maybe opt for non runflat tires and drive those for the last 8-10k miles of the lease. Runflats cost double of regular tires and if your car doesn’t have thousands in damage otherwise, i’d return the car with normal tires. Maybe worth looking into, at least that will offset some of the cost. Just a thought…anyway congrats on the car.

Awesome suggestion! I will look into that. Thanks!