2016 BMW 328i Lease (What am I missing?)

Working with dealers to see what deals are out there for the X3, X1, or 328i for my wife (along with a myraid of other vehicles!). This forum and the calculator has been invaluable to helping me understand what was previously a very misunderstood thing for me.

Anyways, been eyeballing local BMW’s that have massive price reductions. Most seem to be service loaners with enough miles on them that they make the leasing terms unfavorable for my wife’s driving habits (15k a year needed). Reached out to a dealer with a $7k discount on a fairly loaded 328i. He sent back some numbers, and I’m getting a $55 a month difference between the number he provided and what I punch in with the calculator.

When I put in the numbers into the lease calculator on here (he told me a 0.00174 MF which apparently all dealers like to add in 0.0004 MF to the MF for online quotes), I end up with $498 a month, and when I use edmunds, I get $538. Curious if I’m missing something on my end before calling him out.

Appears to be 60% residual for 36/15.

If my wife likes the 328i, I think I could get a little more discount, get the MF back to the 0.00134, apply the MSD’s and maybe be in the $380 a month range.

Lemme know what I’m missing! Thanks!

Selling price is solid. I would ask for the base money factor, .00134.

Where are you located? In some states, dealers can impose high document fees as well as junk add-ons, like overpriced tint, unnecessary LoJack, VIN etching, and the like.