2016 BMW 328i Lease Offer Questions

Here is the deal I have been offered on a 15k/36mo. 2016 328i Demo
-Black Sapphire Metallic/Leather Interior
-Sport Package, Lighting Package, Technology Package, Driver Asst. Package, Premium Package

This is with Max MSDs
MF 0.00134 before the MSDs
57% residual
When I plug in the numbers it doesn’t add up quite the same, although not far off.

Curious to hear thoughts. Thanks

The residual is probably off. The 57 percent is probably right for a brand new 2016 3 series (I haven’t checked), but with demos there is a milage adjustment for any miles over 500. So if your car has 5000 miles on it, there will be a residual adjustment of 4500 miles at .25 cents a mile, so you’d need to subtract 1125 from the residual amount.

I see. With that considered, what are thoughts on the deal?

@Jasonbmwcincy had some pretty incredible deals. Not sure if there’s any left. Is that $5k down? Does that include MSD’s?

Never mind. I see the $3k deposit.

No down payment just Max MSD’s at $3150 total.

Deal is not terrible but I’ll bet you could beat that on a new 2016 528i since they have 5k cash on the hood and higher residual. Given how good BMW leases can be this is just a marginal deal - @loberant had deals way cheaper in December. I would take a run at a new 2016 528i as that seems to be the best BMW deal at the moment.

Thanks for your input. I will look into that.

it has 7328 miles on it. After knowing that my numbers are adding up correctly.

I think this is a pretty excellent deal. Not sure why it’s getting poo pooed. Residual is what it is. Not fair to compare to earlier (in October I think the residual was 67%, so Decembers was crap compared to that). 13k off is very good, base money factor. MAYBE you can find a deal that’s another 1000 off which is $30 a month but if you like this car I say go for it.

Once you’re above 4-5,000 miles it’s not that advantageous to go the Demo route, at least that was my experience. Basically the residual is too low versus any reduction in sales price. You’d have to do the math but I think anything over $325/mo for a 328i sounds high. Especially for 36mo. Then again, it is 15k…

My initial feeling is that the deal is ok. It is for 15k lease. The car is pretty loaded. The 25% discount on msrp is good, but the $.25 mileage charge on the demo miles hurts a bit. My beef is that the dealer I’m working with has done all the deals on my family’s BMWs (745, X5M, M5) for the last 15 years. The sale price offered is the same as the one offered on their website. So really he is just not marking up the MF on me. I guess I feel like for that loyalty and continued loyalty he could hook it up a little bit better than that.

Thats sort of what I was thinking, but I am feeling some inclination towards compromise because of 15k miles and the option packages on it.
I hear the sentiment of getting the same deal on a new 2016 528i, but I’m not sure that the same deal could be had with all the same options, and performance wise the 528 is a heavier car with the same engine.

You’ll also be running up against the fact that the '16 models have a lower residual which could amount to $20/mo additional. That doesn’t include the reduced residual with the higher miles which increases the payment another $47/mo. So, not to say you can get as good a price on a 2017 model, but we are talking about a $67/mo additional cost that begs the question. What can a 2017 model be had for?

I echo this sentiment, over $400 per month is a lot to pay for what amounts to a year old used car with 7,500 miles. You also will have warranty issues at 15k miles per year. (15k * 3) + 7,500 = over warranty.

The fact that he’s worked with your family before to sell more high end cars could be hurting your deal. I know a lot of dealers who have witnessed people over pay in the past will try to get them to do the same thing again. You could be considered easy money.

I have never found loyalty to be a real word in any dealer’s lexicon. They are in a for profit business and a stranger off the street is as likely as a loyal customer to get a great deal. All about timing and dealer needs.

I considered that. Especially since my family are not necessarily hunting for deals. I have made it clear that Im not of the same camp, but can’t control how someone thinks.