2016 BMW 328i Lease Northern CA


Yeah your timing is unfortunate, should have pulled the trigger last month.

  1. When a dealer offers $3,000 discount from MSRP, that means $1,500 dealer discount is already included in that price.
    I don’t know if that means it’s easier for buyers to get the better deals.

I got 2016 320i last month with 16% discount from MSRP (including $1500 dealer cash that you mentioned).
At this time of the year, I think 10% is a reasonable price to start negotiating.
If you have a multiple BWM dealership around you, I would definitely go for 15% or more.


Try Greg Poland at Pacific Bmw.


Thanks @tyler and @Yinzer.

I will try Greg, yes I wish I could have pulled the trigger last month I have been traveling so unable to.


hes realy busy but almost every west coaster on Bimmerfest goes to him or John Schafer @ Bmw Santa Barbara

BMW lease in Bayarea

So I pulled the trigger today at San Francisco BMW here is how it worked out. Let me know how you think I did. I had them roll the $925 acquisition cost into the monthly payment.

2016 BMW 328i Drivers Assistance Package, Premium Package, Heated Seats, Moonroof.

MSRP $43,050
Selling Price $35,250
$1,000 BMW Loyalty Credit
36 month 10k lease Residual 63% MF .00134
Monthly Payment with Tax: $300.87= $276.66 (Base) +$24.21 (Tax)
Cash at Signing $3,301.37
7 MSDs total of $2,450+License Fee $340+Upfront Charges $550.50+First Payment $300.87

The residual moving 3% kind of killed how good this deal could have been. I was happy to get a little over 18% off of MSRP.

Thanks to everyone to chimed in on this thread.

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nice deal, congrats !


I think you did great bud!


can you let me know which salesperson you talked to?


HI David,

Here is the person I worked with;

Nyomi Balatti
Client Advisor

When I was there she had a list of cars with the number of days on the lot. I used that in order to determine which cars had been there the longest. I have read on this forum that most dealers will tell you if you ask. Good luck!


great deal do you mind if I ask how did you negotiate almost 19% off the MSRP…


@PaylessBMW I first shopped around and spoke with dealers that would negotiate over email. I did this to get a baseline price for a car with the options I wanted. When I went to this dealer I justified my ask with email proof that another dealer is willing to get close to the price I was asking for and I had not really started negotiating with them.

I started at $35,000 and did not move off of the number. I made them give me a number and just kept repeating $35,000. I made it clear I would be willing to go the another dealer to purchase. It goes without saying but be ready to walkaway if this is not happening.

They finally said $35,500 and I asked for a few moments to think about it. I knew my number was $35,250, when they came back I said I would go to $35,250 and they agreed.

I would say do your research, be patient, be ready to walkaway, and be respectful but firm with the person you are negotiating with. That is really it, best of luck with your search.


thank you did this price take into fact the $1500 option deal or any other incentives you had??? I have already reached out to the sales person as you mentioned as well


@PaylessBMW Yes I learned that all dealers already include the $1,500 option in their pricing. My advice is target the cars that have been on the lot the longest and or demos.


thansk again…I reached out to the sale person you had mentioned and her response was I can not make that deal happen and you should stay in your own market place and search.,I am from Vegas…I think thats funny that she would tell me to shop in my own market…I picked a car on line that asking price is $40k and offered $35k to her

would you be willing to share your final #'s from the dealer?

thanks again


@PaylessBMW PM me your email the picture file is too large to attach.


Just worked out these numbers with a dealer in NY
2016 Bmw 328xi
Msrp 54500
Up front $3000 for taxes and fees. No cap cost reduction.
36mo/12k miles

No msd allowed in ny and no owner loyalty available to me. The car is a demo with 4k miles on it. I believe the selling price is somewhere around 44,500. How does it sound?


@Leaser786 when you say no cap cost reduction, was the dealer not will to go down at all off of MSRP?


@sundeepambati no, by cap cost reduction i mean no down payment. Msrp of the car was 54500 and they sold it to me for 44500


My understanding, from some dealers’ comments, is that new car sales only provide maybe 20-30% of a franchise dealership’s profits, the rest (i.e. the majority) coming from used car sales and service.

A dealer may not be willing to offer a highly bottom-line deal to a non-local if they are to presume they won’t earn (1) any of your service business, and (2) the opportunity to take it back at lease end to flip it as a CPO.