2016 BMW 328i, Is it a good deal? Help!

Here is the quote i received, Am i getting a good deal ?

car include Tech Package, Premium Package

MSRP : 51K,
After Discount : 45K.
36 months, 12K/Year .
Residual : 65%.
money factor: 1.37.

monthly payment + Tax : 459 + 39 = 498.34 (total)

Due at signing : $1016

Sales price isnt bad. Are you going to do MSD?

I can

After putting 5(MSDs) the monthly payment would be around $465.

I still feel its high, Is there a way to bring it down under $300/ month

$300/ month is highly unlikely.

how about under $400/month ?

You will need more than $5k off MSRP for that. Maybe you can try the demo route? Many of them are priced $9k off MSRP some with low miles

Max msd’s are 7. Go the demo route.

I also recommend you to go the demo route. You can get a discount of over 20% off msrp on one with less than 5k miles. A friend of mine leased a 328i for $270 plus tax on one that had a $45k sticker price.

Is there a way to locate a demo car, or you would have to just call around and ask ?

You can definitely do better. I did a 328 that had been an executive lease. It had 4K miles, all the packages and the mileage knocked $9K off the MSRP. I think MSRP was $56K. My monthly is about $400. I never asked the forum about the BMW lease insurance, or whatever it’s called, that covers tires when you turn the car in. That added $38/month.

The only limitation i have is Manual transmission, There are only 4 cars in 500 miles radius. Would it make sense to buy it in a different state and have it transported. If i were to go this route what are all the things i need to keep in mind, Anyone got experience like this ?

going to be impossible to find a demo with manual transmission

Why dont you just travel to buy it then drive it home. Id want to see it in person before purchasing.

After doing some calculation i feel, I can do 10K/Year. How much this will change the monthly payments ?