2016 BMW 328i - $269 - Happy New Year

From BMW of San Antonio
2016 328i Mineral Grey Metallic, Premium, Driving Assistance
New w/ 45 mile on odometer
36 month, 12,000 miles/year

MSRP: $43,485
Sale Price: $35,135
Texas Sales Tax: $2196
Sales Tax incentive: -$2196
USAA incentive: -$1000
Mf: .00165 (guess)
Total down: $3761
. 1st month: $269
. Non-taxable fees: $925 acquisition, $467 other
. MSD: $2100
Final mf: .00116 (guess)
Monthly payment: $269.16

I spent two days negotiating on a really nice M-Sport 328i. Settled for a less expensive car with just the options we really wanted. Made an offer to pay $300 /month with acquisition & 1st month down. Accepted their counter addition of non-taxable fees up front - total $1661 down. Then I asked to apply 7 MSD’s to lower payments to $269. We started with corporate fleet discount, but was switched to USAA because car was punched last month. Finance guy fudged the numbers to make payments come out to what was promised. Most importantly, my wife is extremely happy with her new BMW and thinks I’m a financial genus.
Couldn’t have done it without LeaseHackr and its members.
Thank you


You are a financial genius. Super deal on a brand new 328i, best I have seen with Texas taxes included!