2016 BMW 328 Lease Deal on Demo Cars

$50,045 MSRP
$40,000 Selling Price
24 months - 70.102%
.00136 MF base MF before MSDs
$1,000 loyalty

MSDs of $2,450 lowering MF

$0 out of pocket other than your MSDs
~$327.00 with tax (in cali)

This was for a demo car with ~2,450 miles on it. Riverside BMW here in So Cal had a ton of them and they were looking to unload them. I figured it was pretty good but I wanted to share as I got the idea on the demo car from these forums.


Most deals on the blog are usually on 36 months, so not sure about the deal. My only suggestion is to negotiate the money factor down to at least .00088 as you are putting down your 7 multiple security deposits’

My apologies. The rate that I listed above was for the base MF. Once the MSDs are applied it lowers the payment down by the ~$40 which gets you to the $327 a month rate. 36 months is fine but a bit long for me.

327 all in on a 3 series is a great deal

Does this have all-wheel drive?

No, not all wheel drive. The deal is really if you can find any demo cars with a few thousand miles at your dealership. For me it’s going back in 24 months no matter what so I don’t mind if it has 2,500 vs 25 miles on it. It’s sold as new, same structure lease wise.

That’s an amazing deal. Congrats!

A 50K 328?? Is that with every single possible package on it?

My local BMW dealership here in Memphis advertised all their 2016 loaner fleet cars at a flat $10,000 off MSRP. A couple weeks ago I ended up looking at a couple of them (a 3 series and a 5 series) for lease potential, since the numbers would have been really favorable.
I encountered two problems, which may not be a problem for you:

-We qualify through both USAA and my wife’s employer for additional discounts. Through her employer it’s $2000 off the selling price and .00020 money factor discount. It’s similar through USAA without the MF discount. But when I read the fine print, it indicates the discount cannot be applied to dealer loaner cars, even if they’ve never been titled before. That was a huge bummer for me, even if it’s a good deal without the extra discount, because WITH the discount I was looking at something like a $280/mo payment on a $50k car! LOL

-My local dealer insisted on substantial markup on the money factor. To the tune of about $3600 in pure profit for them (a $100/mo MF markup on a 36 month lease). They told me that’s the only way they could make money on the deal. I said “what if I came in and wrote a check for the car at your advertised price of $10k off… would you tell me no because you’re not making enough money?” Anyway… they started to back down on the money factor markup but by then I’d lost interest, mostly because of the prior issue I mentioned.

For reference we got our demo 24 month 328 drive GT with MSRP of 50k for $417 a month no MSDs last year.

So I think this is a stellar deal!

@Alex_Poberezhskiy It has almost all options but it’s missing the lane change notification.

@Threxx I’m not sure on the USAA one since I was ok with the $1k in loyalty from a previous lease we turned in. On the money factor side there wasn’t any mark up. We’ve leased from this particular dealer and dealt with the same people in Sales so they know not to play games.

Our local dealer in ATL advertises demo 320 for $159+tax and 328 for $189. No money down, 24 month. Last month they had 328 starting at for $169.

If you click on one of the ads and it doesn’t show the exact car, it means that they already sold it. In a couple days they will generally load a replacement to that page.

I can confirm that the USAA discount does not apply to ‘executive demos’ or whatever you’d like for them to be called. I was also told that the USAA credit and BMW loyalty cash cannot be combined.

That’s very interesting. It’s not a lease, but “BMW Owner’s Choice” which looks like a balloon loan with the option to sell it back to BMW at the maturity date. Not really sure what the downside is with prices like those.