2016 BMW 320i San Diego

I live in San Diego, CA. I just went to a dealership today to test drive and let the salesman give me his best offer for a lease. My goal is to get to as close to the national advertisment of $279 a month as possible, without putting down the almost $3k the ad asks for. The best they were willing to do today was $349/month taxes included for a 320i at 10k miles per year (only options added were moonroof and driver assistance package), no down payment, but $1800 drive off. I walked from that because i believe it can be lower. Does anybody have the money factor, residuals for 36 month leases at 10k miles or 12k miles per year for san diego area? The highest i’m willing to go is $320/month

Edit: Also I am qualified for the fleet pricing through my employer.

The current numbers for 2016 3-series are great. The residuals are relatively high:

36/10K: 66% residual, .00137 MF

Valid through August 31, 2016.

The Corporate Fleet Program will get you to your goal. It’s a $1,500 incentive and MF reduction of .00020. If you do maximum security deposits, it should drop below $300/month.

Is the number $300/month with 0 out of pocket?

Does it include tax, doc and others?