2016 BMW 320i Lease

I’m looking for a BMW 320. 24 or 36 month lease and 10k-12k miles a year in FL What are the July money factors and residual? What would you consider a good to great deal? Thx.

Imho. 200 a month. 1k drive off. Nothing more.

200? Can be that low? That’s crazy!

I have seen 219 with 3.5 k down. May need quite a lucky break or nego to get 200 but why not try?

200 on a new 320 is not possible, unless you put a lot down which is not wise. 36/10 is 66%

? Bmw atlanta is 289 sign drive for 36/10 msrp 35, advertised 31.5. If you find an extra 1000 in rebates (eg one of the test drive events) and nego another 500 doable, 239 looks doable without too much effort

I only get to 229 with MSD and 30k selling price. So taxes fees plates aq fee would all be out of pocket. Its cheap but id rather have an accord than a 320 with no options.

Agree with you, a 320 with np options is not worth getting but that was not the op question

Regarding OP’s question, i would say a good lease would be around 350 or less with tax and MSD. Thats assuming a 31500 sale price. OP might be better or getting a demo 328. FL dealers charge high fees as well.

Heres a deal on a base unit, includes tax and license.

MSRP $34145
Price 30,995
$374 w/ tax / $586 Due at signing No MSD 36 Month / 10,000…00137 MF

$347 w/tax / $1970 Due at signing / 5 MSDs 36 month / 10,000 … 00109 MF

Also there is a $1000 loyalty if you have done business with BMW financial services, even if these previous lease ended within 12 months.

MSD’s would drop that almost $50 per month only an additional $2800

Thats a great point with 1k loyalty and 500 test drive event, its another 40 dollars off.

if you do 9 MSD’s then it becomes $335 per month with $3008 Due at signing.

Bmw allows a max of 7.

Thanks to all. Is there any way to get the $1000 incentive if I myself never owned a BMW? My brother in-law has one. Also, where and how often are the drive event? According to one of the quotes the residual is 65% for 36 months/10k. The sales guy applied $2k in incentives, but price with sports package is close to $34.5k. I am checking if they have a loaner available as his current quote is still high.

Only if he co signed for you.

Join BMW CCA, they give $500 rebate for 3 series

Thats a great idea but need 12 month membership i believe

This is what it says on the form: A membership of one year or more immediately preceding the delivery date of the vehicle is required to take advantage of this program.

I just purchased two years membership ($91) yesterday so I can qualify for the $1,000 i3 BEV rebate.

The interesting part of the membership is that it could be more than 1 year after you join. I joined on 25th, and the membership is ending on the 7/31/2018. It is a little more than two years. So you may join on the same day you get the vehicle.

I take it as - you need to have been a paid member for at least one year to qualify for the rebate… is it not?