2016 Audi Q3 Premium Deal

Deal negotiated and on the table is as follows:

2016 Audi Q3 Premium all wheel drive (quattro) with tech package, 19" wheels and a few other options. Total MSRP is $42,275.

Negotiated down to $37,500 and added Audi care maintenance ($895 all service covered for 45k miles) which also adds 1% to residual. Which goes from 60% to 61%.

Total down and out of pocket is $1,999. Audi makes your 1st payment.

Total payment $389 (includes tax @ 8.5% rate and Audi care maintenance)

Sorry I don’t have the MF in front of me but I think its about .00093.

How does this deal look? I’m probably going to go back tomorrow and do it.

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15k mi / year ?

What options/pkgs on the car ?

$389 incl tax seems like a very good deal IMO

12,000 mi / yr

Technology package $2600
19" Wheels $800
Power tailgate
Walnut decorative wood inlay
All weather floor mats
Audi beams

Looks about right. Here in Southern California, Edmunds is showing that a $42,650 MSRP Q3 is selling for $38,671 on average ($3,979 off MSRP), and their Price Promise is $4,490 off MSRP.