2016 Acura TLX v6 tech w/ sh-awd and $0 down

New to the forum. But I’ve been reading quite a bit on the site about leasing.
Just want to get your take on this deal.
2016 tlx v6 tech and sh-awd
Msrp 42515
Cap cost 36115
36 month
53% residual
12k miles
Money factor .0007
0 down
1000 lease credit
Monthly with tax 439
I ran this through the lease calculator and got 8.2

Would you take this deal


Look for <1% MSRP in your monthly, or a lease score >= 10.

I leased a 2016 v6 tech FWD in August for $343/mo.

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I agree with Dave. I’m sorry but I got a v6 tech for 327 a month with 327 due at signing.

The residual is in Volkswagen territory. It’s just flat out going to be expensive to lease that particular model and trim right now.

Thanks for your input.
I decided not to take the lease.