2016 ACURA TLX 36/12k $199/mo $0 Down - Frontpage Deal?

@acarney I actually had a 15 TLX base fwd and drove it in the snow for months; it worked out fine. AWD is always better but it will go up a bit I’m sure. Hope the numbers and certificate will help you get the best deal.

Do you what the numbers would be on the ilx? it looks like the rebate is good for it as well.

@senwia is there any other Chicago dealer matched this deal? The listed dealers don’t have the color I’m looking for. Please let me know

Also located in Chicago so can go to to the Paletine Dealer.

@senwia, i am new to leasing, can you please tell me where can I find the offer for $1500 lease cash ?
I was able to find the $500 lease cash offer, but not the $1500 ? Thx.

I don’t have the ILX numbers but woodfield Acura has some deals posted that can give you an idea.

Costcoauto.com has the dealer cash as an incentive, great resource.

Woodfield and McGrath may match but it’s gonna take some work. These dealers listed can always swap for the color you want.

How does it work for maintenance? Do we need to get services done ourselves or will dealer do all services?
Also, does this include gap insurance?
Sorry, I am new to lease.

Check out the manufacturer site to see if they include maintenance. If not you can buy a plan but its not recommended, it automatically includes gap insurance.

Read the post.

Go to edmunds and look at the incentives for the BMW 5 series and a window might pop up with the $1500 offer.

Just noticed on Edmunds something about $2k in dealer cash being offered now along with the $500 lease cash

I show $750 lease cash
And $2k dealer cash on the base 2016 ilx

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1500 on base and 2000 on tech with additional 500 on both…total 2k for base and 2.5K on tech

Good point ! I wonder if anyone has been able to get a better lease rate on a more expensive car ?

Can you please send me a link where you can find $2000 lease cash on Edmund?

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lease cash is available on costcoauto.com, bonus cash available on edmunds and certificate available on edmunds.

How do I access the lease cash and bonus cash. I am on costco auto and cant see anything. Thanks

pick your car, choose the car tier (base, tech, v6 tech, etc…) then goto incentives and scroll down for lease cash. bonus cash is on edmunds.

Thank you. finally saw it