2016 Accord EX/Sensing 300/month is this a good deal?

Cleveland, Ohio. I have been getting a few offers. Best one is 39 Months. 12,000 m a year. O due at signing. Includes Tax. By month end. I’m wondering if I wait another month or two or three if I can get a better deal?

I was offered $270 for same trim here in South Florida.
They made it sound like $263’ish by phone and then they added some fee which I was not happy about.
Walked out, also my wife does not want the Accord so I am not in a rush.

I think you can do better.

Jerome - $300 for a sign and drive on a EX w/sensing is a solid deal. I think they could come down another 10-15 bucks or so based on what I am seeing out there. As far as waiting goes, hard to say. Typically the residuals will drop a bit as we get closer to 2017 model year and I cant see the MF getting much lower than it currently is. .00041 I think it is on a sign and drive or close to it. I would push for an extra 10-15 and tell them you will sign b4 month end. They may do it depending on where they are at vs. their monthly goal.

Taz - You say you were offered 270 including tax for a sign and drive on an EX w/sensing? That sounds like an epic offer to me.

Yes I got $270 only from from 1 dealer.
Even posted a thread because they gave me $262 by phone first . I ended up not buying after my wife didnt seem to much into it.
I will do it if he calls me back with $262 offer because the price is right and heck the wife will get over it since it a solid driving car!.

Almost every dealer was prepared for $300 with taxes ,nothing special about that

The 270 was with zero out of pocket? If so, do you mind sharing the dealer b/c I may jump on that myself.

Did not want to post the dealer contact info in the public so I sent you a PM.

Did you find out if that is a “sign and drive?” I have an offer for 295 now and it’s a new month. I’m concerned the price will go up this month or next…

Thats sounds good if its the same trim.

Because you are not paying the taxes and other fees.

What state are you located in, it seems reasonable.

I’m now at 295/month for 36months

Ohio. When you say reasonable are you saying there are better deals out there?


I dont think you will get much better than 295 including tax for a sign and drive. Weymouth Honda typically has very very aggressive deals IMO and they show about the same for the EX w/sensing for 36/12k sign and drive.

Last month you could have stretched the lease to 39 months which may have gotten you down to roughly 280-285 but they lowered the residual on 39 this month making 36 the sweet spot.

Generally speaking anything close to $100 per 10k of MSRP is solid so the 295 looks pretty good.