2016 A3 e-tron Premium Plus CPO lease?

I found a 2016 A3 e-tron Premium Plus CPO that’s only 6 months old with a little under 6000 mi. It has the Premium Plus package, Technology Package, and Sport package. The quoted price is a hair under 37k, with original MSRP around 48k, but I think I can bargain it lower.

I’m looking for a 12k/yr lease and a payment under $300/mo. 3-4 years is okay. Is this possible, or will I do better with a new one due to all the leases/incentives? It almost seems like I can push the price way down to make it look better vs a new car.

Some potential complications/addons

  • I’m upside down 4k on another hybrid, but the goal is to drop my monthly payment in half or more, while getting into a newer car. I’ve been collecting quotes from various places for tradein/selling the car so I can have the dealership match the quotes.
  • I want to add Audi Care so I have no-cost maintenance for the duration of the lease. Since it’s CPO, it should already have a 6yr/100k warranty.
  • If I go with a lease through a credit union, I can avoid the sales tax charged on the car at purchase. How can this help me out?

Also, I’m deadset on a hybrid/EV due to tax breaks and HOV lane access where I live (VA).

What’s my best way to approach this, and what can I reasonably bargain on? It’s hard for me to gauge the used car price, as there are barely any on the market, so the most I can do is gauge based on dealership residuals. This is also my first lease, so I’m trying to make sure I make out as best as I can.

Edit: To make it more complicated, my local dealership is advertising a special for $298/mo for 42 mo with $1500 down and 7.5k/yr for similarly equipped new A3 e-trons. I’m guessing it’s because the 2017s are coming soon? It makes me wonder about the sale price and what I may be able to bargain down to to make it more attractive vs a new one?