2016 528 xDrive $499 a month

2016 528 xDrive
Monthly Payment:$499+tax
Due at signing: $1995
MSRP: $59,395
Selling Price: $47,000
MF: .00154
36 month / 10k a year

Vehicle available at my dealership in Cincinnati, willing to work with out of state buyers.

Isn’t base money factor .00134? Are you advertising a marked-up money factor in a “lease hacking” forum? Just strikes me as without sense, but good luck. 12% discount isn’t good enough on year-old, prior body style.

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Isn’t that a 20% discount? The discount seems pretty damn good. Where’s the MF for BMW listed? Want a 5 series so bad!!

$5,000 rebate from BMW. 12% discount from dealer and marked up money factor. 2017 G30s hit the lots in the next week or so.

12% discount is very good on this car. You are correct we currently do have the $5000k from
Bmw. It is also possible to get even better of a deal if you are USAA or Corporate! You are also correct our new ones just arrived!

@dgrelecki this is the deal I was referring to.

the BMW dealers here are offering 20% on 2016 535s here. Too bad the residual is at 55%

might as well get a new 2017 530 for that price

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