2016.5 Mazda CX-5 GT i-active

I’m getting confused with the numbers here. Please look and help. Msrp is $33,600 I’m still talking to this dealer and not trying to put anything down(even though it shows $2k)

Dealer is only discounting the car about 5% and has you paying fees plus about $1,250 in cap cost reduction. Push back and say you will do $300 per month sign and drive (nothing due at signing) and see how they respond.

Keep in mind, that all-new 2017 CX-5 model will arrive soon.

Thanks guys. I am hammering back to lower sale price 10%. Salesman was unsure how lower sales price would effect payment amount ?!$? They also like to throw figures into very non descript columns. I couldn’t do this without you guys