2016 328 Demo lease, is it a good deal?

Got quote from Pacific bmw, car has 9000 miles on it, msrp 48k, dealer credit ~8k, residual is 66%.

drive off $4654.33, including acq.fee $925, license fee $367, security deposit $2800 (with 7 msd) and first month payment $391.88.

One concern is that it already has 9000 miles on it and Learned from other thread about tires might wear out before the lease expires.

Can I do better on it?

400 is a bit high with that many miles.

Your close to 528 demo territory.

Skip the deal, you can get a demo 4 series gran coupe for low 400’s or as mentioned a 528 demo.

thanks Guys for replying, what should be a reasonable target for this case?

I’d give Greg Poland an email. He is on Bimmerfest a lot and works at that dealership. He will give you a good no nonsense deal from what I hear

That’s the quote Greg sent me :frowning: