2016/217 X3 Lease

A first time lease. I was looking to between a X3/F-pace/Q5 options. Coming straight to the point. The BMW test drive today got me 2 lease quotes. One of New and one for Pre-owned.

New - 2017 X3 28i Premium Package
MSRP - 48545
Sell Price - 46545
Rate - 0.00085
Sec-Dep - 3750
Residual - 0.64
Doc Fee - 498
Acq Fee - 925
Monthly Lease - 502.

Pre-owned- 2016 X3 35i (14k miles - all the features)
MSRP - 56245
Sell Price - 46988
Rate - 0.00085
Sec-Dep - 3500
Residual - 0.64
Doc Fee - 498
Acq Fee - 925
Monthly Lease - 470.

Both the lease look same .The reason for the 500 mark range might be since that what i mentioned my range to be…I am looking to shop a little more but need help on what i should negotiate on in the above information. Does this look to a deal at all?..Thanks for the help…

I think you can push for 25% msrp on the loaner car.

Thanks for the reply. I will call the sales rep and have a check…

BTW i tried using the lease calculator and the price i got is 470 does not match

“New Jersey
New Jersey taxes the sum of the payments less finance charges. This is another way of saying they tax the vehicle’s depreciation over the period of the lease.”

Also line 10 shows residual at 64% but the adj residual makes it look like looks like 58%

One last question is the MF .00085 before or after the 7 MSD?

You have to adjust residual for the miles. Also, mf is .00134 but .00085 after the MSD.

Thank you . Makes sense now :+1:t2:

Your new one needs to have a selling price of >8% off of MSRP

I got the MF wrong as NY13 suggested it might be .00064 after MSD. I will have to check with the sale rep for the adj res price . Thanks for pointing out.

This is not true. Many websites out there have bad info.

What are the rules for NJ tax?

Due upfront (can be capitalized into lease, which means you’ll pay interest on it) are taxes on:

Totality of monthly payments
Cap cost reductions (down payments)
Manufacturer incentives/rebates
Acq fee (IIRC)

Plus a luxury tax of 0.4% of Gross Cap Cost if it exceeds $45K