2016 2017 Chevy Cruze NJ


I joust got a quote for a Chevy Cruze 99.99 a month for 24 month a 10k lease plus tax and fees Dealer quoted my around $2200 in fees for tax MV etc for a base Chevy Cruze 2017 LT MSR of MSRP: $22,495

I believe that i qualify for:

$1,225 GM cap cost red rebate
$1,000 Bonus Tag cap cost red rebate
$750 Chevy select market cap cost red rebate
$500 GM loyalty rebate .
500 Private offer cupone

Is this a good deal?

What’s the private offer coupon?

Because I own a Chevy Volt already they send my a 500 off privet offer coupone/offer

You need to break down the $2200. Tax is only like $170-180 of that, DMV for 24 months is around ~250, doc fee 250-300

Per the car dealer there estimate on fee was 399 doc fees, Tax 550, 598 for bank fee, DMV was like 550… so plus or minus 2098. I told them the fee where to high… The dealer look like they didn’t want to work with me to get there advertise deal off 99.99 lease.

Tax is 7% of the totality of the payments ($99*24)…do the math

No way DMV is that high…it was 300 (give or take a few dollars) for a 36m lease I negotiated in NJ. Plus a nominal tire tax of $1.50 per tire (so $7.50 for most cars).

I think the sell person wasn’t very cooperative… and joust wanted to get me out the building because it was closing time and drop me a line with extreme fees to get me out the door.

Can you get a residual and money factor, plus sales price

i leased my cruze from chevy in paramus rt 17. not exactly sure what the breakdowns/discounts were etc, but i can give you the final numbers. now i know to look out for these things… but anyway

car is chevy cruze LT w/ convenience package
$0 down
24 month/12k miles
$223/month including tire/wheel protection