2016 & 2017 BMW 3-Series (February)

Year: [2016/2017]
Make, Model, and Trim: [BMW 3-series]
Months/Annual Mileage: [24/36/10/12]
Zip Code: [63303]

Anyone got the February numbers yet?



Have the numbers available for Feb yet?

Programs are the exact same as last month. @MConte05 shot me a message with you are looking for. I have a ton of leftover 2016 3 series

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Thanks for the confirmation. Just wanted to update my spreadsheet!

Bummer though, was really hoping they’d pull up the 2016 residuals a bit like they did last year for 2015’s. Have had an eye on a CPO 2016 that’s already discounted a bunch. Now with the program coming in place March 1st where all CPO’s get hit with 4-6% residual drop on top of mileage adjustments, going to make a BMW CPO lease pretty unattractive.

But I can see why BMW is doing it. They want their new car sales up up up. Hoping they’ll pump up the residuals back to the 72/66 for 24/36 month’s again!

Any update for March yet?

Can you provide a way to contact you? Live in Atlanta but happy to come to Cinci to pick up a ride if the price is right. I can’t seem to figure out PM on here - is there an email address that works?

Thanks in advance.

Yes my cell is 859-801-7290

Global, Gwinnett or any of the Atlanta BMW dealerships blow away anything Cincinnati has to offer. I’m thinking of going south to get a car.

Wont most Atlanta dealers have lots of rwd cars… Its funny you say that though i had a guy fly up 2 weeks ago from Atlanta to get a car from me. @Dannytmc maybe your just working with the wrong CA :wink: lol


Can you let us know if the numbers changed for the month? And if so, what they are so I can update my spreadsheet.


@MConte05 residuals dropped to 55% on the 3 series which is one of the few 16s you can actually still lease at a decent price. Anything over 5000 miles take residual minus 4%. Anything specific you are looking for?

What I have listed in the original post.

2016 and 2017 for 24 and 36 month, 10k and 12k miles.

Not looking for anything in particular, just wanting to keep the numbers updated so there aren’t 5 new threads on “what are the numbers for march!” popping up.

Updated my spreadsheet for this months BMW numbers. They didn’t get any better. MF went up again.

It doesn’t really make a difference now, but I think the MF for 2016 3 Series in March-2017 should be .00140, right?

You’re correct. Fixed it!

I am confused so 2016’s are still being leased? As i was told by a dealer they are not?

Lease support ended this month I believe. I just updated the numbers so historics are there for March.

Prior residual/MF doesn’t help in attempting a new deal on the current month. This is more for curiosity sake, and to get a feel for when they might raise RV or lower MF based on historical trends.

Got you nice… :slight_smile:

Hello Leasehackr community what is a good payment for a 2017 BMW 740xi @ 97k MSRP for NY 36months @ 7,500 miles.