2015 Mercedes S-Class

I would like to find the residual for both 2015 Mercedes S-Class Sedan and Coupe for 12k for 24 or 30 months.

I also want to confirm that one pay leases have a 0.00001 MF.

Trying to swing an end of year deal.

Thank you.

2015 S550 Sedan, 12k
24 mo: 58%
30 mo: 54%
.00047 MF

Not sure what the one-pay MF discount is, but MSDs and auto-pay can bring it down to .00001. May as well do that; one-pay can be risky.

2015 S550 Coupe 4MATIC, 12k
24 mo: 62%
30 mo: 57%
.00200 MF