2015 Infiniti Q40 $198/mo Base Pmt for Lease Transfer in SoCal

I’ve got a Black on Stone interior 2015 Infiniti Q40 with very low miles and an extremely low monthly payment that I’m considering transferring out of if someone is interested in taking it over. It has the Navigation and Moonroof packages as well as the Illuminated Kick Plates and Trunk Mats. I’m looking into getting a larger car due to the arrival of my second child. I had gotten a killer deal at only $197.81/mo before tax ($215.61 with Los Angeles tax)!

MSRP was $39,395
Total Mileage Allowance 20,080
Current miles approximately 9,080
Remaining miles 11,000
7 Lease payments remaining
Lease Maturity 5/16/2017
Remaining monthly usage 8.5 months
Miles per month left 1,294 available

I put down a $500 security deposit to get such a low payment, which I would need to be reimbursed for. In addition, since I’ve underutilized my allotted mileage on the lease (it was 24mo/10K), I’m looking for an additional compensation of $500 (roughly ~$0.10/mile reimbursement 5,080 less per month than allotted).

So your cost would be $1,000 upfront to me, plus 7 remaining payments of $215.61 totaling $1,509,27. Net of the $500 deposit which you would get back at the end of the lease, you’re looking at a net monthly cost of $287 for 1,294 miles, or roughly an annual pace of 15,500.

There should be no transfer fee per Infiniti, but Transferee will have to pay a $250 credit application fee.

If you’re interested, please PM me or text me at 424.256.6472.

I am not interested to take it over but You have got a killer deal with no question at all. Did you used loyality rebate to get it in the first place?

Note that you have one month to transfer since Infiniti does not take transfer within the last 6 months

I did have loyalty but it was mostly being a repeat customer with the finance manager.

Did you buy out this car or return it? What was the residual?

sorry my bad didn’t see date

I returned it. The residual was $24,800 when the car was probably worth $18-19K.

Geez! Thanks for sharing. Super old thread but was interested in what that delta would be.

That’s funny that you found it because I’d forgotten about posting it. I ended up renting the car on Turo and made a year’s worth of lease payments back that way.

I’d say right now that most cars on lease have huge negative equity since used car values have been plunging. I’m anxious to see if manufacturers continue to support leases with aggressive residual values.

That’s insane. Well done! I should look into that in the future if I end up taking on an even bigger lease and need to make a little $ back on my current one.