2015 hyundai Geneis 5.0 Demo car lease numbers


I think this is a pretty good deal and would like a second opinion/confirmation

MSRP: $51,780.00
Selling Price: $41,780.00
Rebates & Incentives: $4,250.00

36 months lease
12,000 miles per year
With only $1,499.00 due at signing
Your monthly payment: $310.00 + Tax O.A.C.

Should I jump on it?


What does the 1499 due at signing include? Also what are the residuals and MF being applied by your dealer ?

due at signing covers last payment, drive off fees, and first month + what they need.

I am not sure about the MF and residuals. I can ask and find out more.

The money factor is 0.00009 O.A.C. and the residual is 51%. Drive off includes rebates and the down payment which also includes your first months payment and all the Fees like DMV.

That’s an excellent deal on a $52K car! Congrats.

Thanks. I think I am going to get this.

Is there anything else I can add? I was trying to get free maintenance but the dealer is saying it’s cheap to maintain it and dodging extra requests.

It would be awesome if I can get $300 after tax + free maintenance. You always want a little more!

Seems like a great deal. If you don’t think, I’d take it!

where are you getting this deal? haha, i’d jump on this if I had the offer!

I jumped on it.

got 15k miles for 320 + tax.

I would recommend calling dealerships and see what 2015 DEMO models they have available. The target price would be 25% off MSRP + Incentives. Essentially, you are only responsible for about 20% of the total car cost over 3 years of lease.

Most dealerships have gotten rid of their demo models, so your selection will be slim. But they will be very aggressive with pricing. I would also recommend looking for non-popular 2015 models with model change/large inventory. I know Infiniti is definitely 20% off MSRP range.