2015 GMC Yukon Denali mileage problem

My husband is currently leasing a 2015 Yukon Denali and his lease is up in March. His contract miles are 48,750/ 39 months and he is currently sitting at 44k.

I am trying to get the payoff amount from GMC. During a recent check up, we were informed that the radiator has a slow leak that will need repair to the tune of $1400, so I am not too keen on purchasing the vehicle as it is no longer covered by warranty.

What are some options I should consider?

What other information can I provide? Any help or comments are welcome.


I had leased a 2015 Yukon sle. My warranty was up as well with some major expense. I sold it for the remaining balance.

I dunno why but the Yukon started feeling heavy after simple oil changes.

Try selling it at CarMax, they give a good appraisal value

People lease cars beyond the original bumper to bumper warranty? Why?


It shouldn’t even be allowed. Long story short, my husband is not a good candidate for leases. He is very hard on his vehicles so I think his next car will be a truck purchase.