2015 Genesis 3.8 Signature $355 a month

I am debating going to a different vehicle and wanted to see if there were any interest in a lease takeover.

I have a 2015 Genesis RWD 3.8 with the Signature package.

19 months left on lease. 19,XXX current miles. 18 Payments left at $355 and change. Car will have brand new tires due to a recall.

this is a 15K per year lease so you would still have over $24000 miles to go on this car in 17 months.

Can post pictures if interested.

Who is the lender, and do they allow full transfers (i.e. no remaining obligations to the original lessee)?

Does the Warranty transfer?

I would assume so. I did not ask. I can though. It is Hyundai Motor Finance.

Yes the wanrranty does.

you should ask…

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Hyundai Motor Finance does not allow transfers.

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