2015 Ford Taurus Sho $9000 lease cash

Edmunds has 2015 Taurus Sho as having $9000 lease cash available & all other 2015 Taurus trim levels have $5750 lease cash available. What are the MF & residuals for 24/10k & 36/10k?

SHO has quite the cult following. My father had one (2nd gen), it’s a surprising fast car for it’s size and unassuming, IE a Q-Ship…


36/12 - 43% and .25%
39/12 - 41% and .50%

Add 1% for 10K

Thanks for the reply. What is the MF & residual for 24/10k?

I didn’t see one in the link, you can try calling Ford Credit or a Dealer for an answer.

The numbers on that Edmunds link were for January.

Here are the current residuals through July 5, 2016 for 2015 Taurus SHO.

24/10.5K: 50% residual, 1.5% APR
36/10.5K: 42% residual, 0.5% APR

Subtract 1% for 12K miles/year.

Yes, there’s $9,000 in lease cash, plus some targeted incentives: $500 Grad/Military/First Responders, $250 RCL Renewal, or $250 Conquest Lease.

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