2015 e-Golf deals

I’m in NJ looking for a 2015 e-Golf SEL. Still undecided whether to lease or buy (this will be my second car for local trips). Does VWoA have any deals on 2015 models (website only refers to 2016)? What is the RV (dealer mentioned 34% for 10,000m)? What’s the MF (dealer mentioned 0.0009 while I understand it is 0.0003 for a 2016 model)? What are the total rebates/incentives (dealer gave quoted $8,662 but this should compensate low RV and higher MF)? If I decide to buy this car: does the 0% financing for 72 months + $1,000 credit bonus also apply for 2015 model? Will the purchase price include the same rebates/incentives as for the lease or will that be different? Many thanks for your help!