2015 BMW i3 REX in Alabama

Wondering if you guys could take a look and see if there is anywhere i can negotiate. I have been wanting the i3 but it is just out of my price range. hoping to be around 600 or so.

Hm… you have $14,000 in negative equity on your Prius? And how did you manage to owe $34K on a Prius? I didn’t realize they stickered so high.

yeah. stupidity on my part. had a jetta tdi and wanted to dump it before the value dropped after the diesel revelation. Would have never guessed that VW would consider a buy back. hindsight i should have just held on.
that is why i am looking at leasing. trying to dig myself out and figured the EV incentives would help close the gap.

my 2 cents, assuming the interest rate on your prius is low, suck it up and pay down your debt rather than accumulating more.

To get it down to $600 a month you need roughly another 6k off, pretty sure that is not going to happen.

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