2015 BMW i3 lease and CA CVRP rebate

Considering leasing a 2015 i3.

Is it necessary to pay any down payment to get the $2500 CVRP rebate?
From the instructions it seems like no.

My offer is:

MSRP $55,895
Dealer’s Price Offer $47,295
Acquisition Fee $925
Document Fee $80
Taxed Incentives -$7,500
Down Payment $0
Total Capital Cost $40,800

Down Payment $0
First Month’s Payment $350
Security Deposits $2,450
Additional Sales Tax $744
License & Registration $375
Acquisition Fee $0
Document Fee $0
Total Due at Signing $3,919

Seem ok?
Want to make sure it still qualifies for the rebate.
Any reasons not to pay the 7 security deposits in place of a down payment?

You don’t need to put any down payment to get the CVRP.

Deal looks good! The CVRP effectively covers the first 7 months of payments, bringing the average monthly payment to $267/mo (assuming this is a 30-month lease).

what dealer? Did you pull trigger on it?

You should be able to do a little better. I have a dealer who can get me to 250/mo in CA on a 2015 i3 REX. 8500 incentives, 1750 security deposit, 4250 drive-off (other 2500 gets refunded).

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But really, that’s quite a good deal, too :wink:

which dealer Robert?

Center BMW, they have about 11 in stock at the moment.

would you share the first name of your rep there? It seems hard to find people at dealerships who are willing to provide numbers like these. Thanks! I’m trying to buy one in the next few days.

Message me your email and I’ll send details over!

The important thing to know for certain buyers is that the the california rebate is going to be means tested starting in mid march (date has not been announced last time I checked). The testing will be based on total household income…not just your income…but household. Presumably this was done so you can’t title the car in a teenagers name to qualify for the rebate. I believe the income threshold (you should double check) is $250K. Obviously it wont trip up too many people but some will certainly be disappointed.

Hello Robert, also interested in this deal! I live in woodland hills area so could get one ASAP. Dont really know how to message directly so apologies for posting in the forum. My e-mail is dansamimi@gmail.com if you could give me more info on who to contact at the dealership I would appreciate it!


Any new info on the residuals, MF, and lease cash for March on the i3? Did everything stay the same as February? Any additional kickers to sell 2015s? Anything be done to try and motivate dealers to sell 2016s?

I just got a price of 315/mo including tax w/4250 drive-off. Apparently the MF went up this month… you can get it down a little bit with another 1,000k incentive if you’re a previous BMW owner.

Anybody find any great offers this month? I’m striking out.

Should be better deals in April, they will need to clear out inventory soon:

2016 i3 rex ZIR "Value Pack" starts 4/1 - Giga/Paint/Tech/ for $46250 vs $50800 (but with crummy halogen headlights)

updated i3 production starts July 2016. “New battery, new colors and some small visual tweaks. Range will be 290km(180miles), real life 250km(155miles) NEFZ. Probably around 120miles in US, real life.” Apple car play, android auto not confirmed yet.

Tesla Model 3 deposits start 3/31.
Chevy Bolt coming in fall